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Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

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All of the aerial parts of the juniper bush can be distilled, however, the ripe berries are considered the most therapeutic part of the plant. This fine Hungarian wildcrafted oil is distilled from juniper berries and has cleansing action on the skin, breath, and joints.

When inhaled through direct palm inhalation or diffused, richly balsamic and resinous-sweet juniper essential oil works to support clear breathing, detoxification and cleansing. Employed this way, along with therapeutic massage, juniper oil supports the wellness of our bodies water system as well as the detoxification of our skin.

A world-class detoxifier, juniper oil’s cleansing properties encourage joint and muscle health, and makes an excellent addition to your massage oils. Juniper essential oil, applied over the abdomen, can also aid in detoxification from overindulgence in eating and drinking. Diffused, it can nourish and restore optimal working nerves, enhancing calm and relaxation.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Profile
Indigenous to the entire northern hemisphere, this wonderful selection is steam-distilled in Hungary for maximum therapeutic benefit from the ripe berries of the juniper bush, and has a pleasantly welcoming, mountain forest aroma.

Aromatic Profile and Blending of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
Perfumery Note: Middle
Odor: Fresh yet warm, terpenic, bittersweet, woody, conifer
Blends Well With: Citrus oils such as bergamot essential oil, grapefruit essential oil and lime essential oil; conifer oils such as cedar wood essential oil, cypress essential oil and pine essential oil; also clary sage essential oil and vetiver.

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100% Pure Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis) Essential Oil


Direct Palm Inhalation: Inhale a drop of our Juniper Berry — this oil is a wonderful tool for clearing and relaxing the mind. Gently rub the palms together, bring them towards your face and take a deep inhalation. It will enhance calm and relaxation and can be helpful to alleviate cravings and persistent personal behaviors one is seeking to change.

Other Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil
Juniper is a valuable essential oil and can be applied topically, through direct inhalation, or diffused.

For skin health, mix one drop in your facial moisturizer.
Can also be used as a compress to support comfortable muscles and joints after strenuous or repetitive activity.
Blend up to a 5% dilution in a massage oil and massage gently into skin to support healthy water metabolism.
To support a healthy bladder/urinary system, add a few drops to warm bath water or sitz bath.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Recipes
Water Balance Blend: 8 drops juniper berry essential oil, 4 drops cypress essential oil, 4 drops rosemary essential oil and 2 drops lavender essential oil in 15 mL of jojoba oil.
Comfortable Joint Blend: 8 drops juniper essential oil, 4 drops Eucalyptus globulus essential oil, 4 drops rosemary essential oil, 4 drops marjoram essential oil and 2 drops ginger essential oil in 15 mL of calendula-infused olive oil.

Safety Considerations for Juniper Berry Essential Oil
Non-toxic, though should not be used by those with kidney disease, acute bladder infections, or during pregnancy. Non- to mildly-sensitizing. Do not take Juniper berry essential oil internally.


15ml / Liquid

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