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Holy Smokes

Moon Minded Medicine

HOLY.SMOKES are hand-crafted smokes made from organic dried herbs.

they are intended to be savored in the mouth, not inhaled into the lungs. 

each of our blends consist of a combination of dried organic herbs that together create a unique flavor and experience.

how to smoke a HOLY SMOKE:

            + place the filter end on your lips
            + light the end of the smoke
            + draw the smoke into your mouth and savor it*
            + release smoke out of the mouth
            + contemplate the moment
            + repeat, or share with a friend

      *do not inhale the smoke into your lungs.

      This is our smoothest blend with a flowery, chocolatey scent and a touch of sweetness towards the end. With incayuyo at its base, this blend tends to the heart and mind, while uplifting the spirit. 

      Incayuyo (een-ka-shu-sho) is a small, shrub-like plant native to the northern region of Argentina. Its name translates to “herb of the Inca” as it is known to have been used by the Inca peoples as a digestive tea and inhaled to aid lung ailments. We source it from a small family in the Cordoba province of Argentina, where they wild-craft it from their local mountains and air-dry it in their adobe home.

      contains: incayuyo + pink rose + german chamomile + linden leaf & flower

      The herbal equivalent to the “menthol” cigarette, this blend refreshes the senses like a mountain breeze, while balanced by the grounded, earthy tones of the mullein and yerba santa. Pronounced "moan-tahn-ya", Montaña translates to “mountain” and is inspired by the scents and colors of our local Santa Barbara mountains.

      contains: peppermint + mullein leaf & flower + yerba santa

      Our soothing blend that relaxes the body and mind, while enhancing dream time. With catnip and damiana at its base, this blend is a denser smoke that inspires introspection with tones of magic. Aiding in sleep, the mugwort in this blend allows for deeper dives into dream time. We wild-craft the mugwort in our local southern California foothills with our own hands!

      contains: catnip + mugwort + damiana

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