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Himalayan Pink Salt - fine ground


Ojio Himalayan Crystal Salt is over 250 million years old and its natural state is nutrient rich containing all the beneficial trace elements and minerals. This mineral content perfectly mimics the body's natural salinity level and natural salt doesn't burden our bodies, but instead, releases 84 trace elements and nutrients the body can easily absorb and make use of. Also, unlike table salt, this natural salt does not pull excessive amounts of water from our cells, meaning the body will not become overly dehydrated by consuming it on a regular basis.

Use fine or course ground Himalayan Salt like any other salt seasoning, for pickling, as an exfoliating skin wash, or in salt water baths. Besides containing all 84 elements found in your body, Himalayan crystal salt also:

  • Helps regulate heartbeat.
  • Prevents muscle cramps.
  • Helps to maintain firmness in bones.
  • Balance blood sugar and pH acid levels.
  • Helps regulate the electrolyte balance of cells.

    Non-GMO, Gluten-Free 

    Stone ground salt

    Use this pink salt in place of the white stuff, in fact just switch it out completely. 

    16 oz

    Vendor: Ojio

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