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Happy Liver Detox Kit


Spring is here! The Happy Liver Detox Kit is your essential toolkit for comprehensive detox and liver support.  Whether soothing, moving or fueling, each item in this kit performs a unique function in creating a clearer, more soothed, and energized you! Includes the following 8 hand selected supplements + a free gift while supplies last!

GB Bitters  1 oz Fat-Targeting Digestive Bitters

B Cooler Elixer 4 oz Blueberry Elixer to Soothe "Liverish" Irritabilty

Milk Thistle Gomasio 1.8 oz Liver Boosting Superfood Seasoning

Vital-10 Probiotic 100 caps A Multi-strain Probiotic for Allergy Support + Liver Health

S.A.T 60 caps Antioxidant Trio Supporting Liver Rejuvenation and Detox 

GI Fortify 120 caps Fiber-Rich Detoxifier to Soothe & Promote Bowel Cleansing

Collagen Powder 16 oz Full Body Repair for a Beautiful Detox

Sprouted Brown Rice Protein 600 g Sustainable Morning Energy

GB Bitters: 

Wormwood*, Blue Vervain*, Artichoke*, Wild Yam, Orange*, Baical Skullcap*, Boldo in organic alcohol and glycerine

* Organic

Milk Thistle Gomasio:

Sesame seeds*, milk thistle seeds*, dulse*, wakame*, fleur de sel, red alaea salt, black lava salt

* Organic

B Cooler:

Blueberry concentrate, skullcap*, lemon balm*, jujube*, white peony*, lavender*, blue vervain* in alcohol*and glycerine

* Organic

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