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Fleur de Sel Sea Salt


Fleur de Sel, French for "flower of salt", is a rare gourmet finishing sea salt sought after by top culinary chefs from around the world. The mineral rich salt flakes of Fleur de Sel have been traditionally harvested since the 17th Century from the meticulously skimmed top layer of evaporated sea water. 

  • An artisanal salt for the finest gourmet entrées and desserts.
  • An exquisitely light flavor profile and high concentration of minerals.
  • Meticulously harvested by hand using traditional methods.
  • Comes in Course Ground and Fine Ground flakes to match culinary needs.
Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher

Fleur de Sel Fine Ground

These fine crystals dissolve cleanly to provide both Fleur de Sel's exquisite flavor and concentrated mineral profile to culinary masterpieces.

16 oz

Vendor: Ojio

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