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Cosmic Intentions Card Set

Anna Cosma

Cosmic Intentions - 18 Cards Gold Edition - Gold Foil - Affirmation Cards Set - Beige - Spiritual Affirmation Cards - Oracle Tarot Deck

Draw an intention card for each occasion
or continue to give them away with a small note.

The back is designed with generous space,
so that they can also be combined with your personal
Thoughts can be filled.

Card set with 18 cards made of fin cardboard in DIN A7 format (7.4 x 10.5 cm) with a small booklet made of natural paper.
Each card was embossed with real gold foil in the letterpress process.

The natural paper of the fin board is about 2 mm thick.
Unlike normal card decks, it is not additionally coated,
to preserve the natural feel of natural paper.
So the cards can also be described with your own notes/thoughts.

Each card set is packed in a Kraft cardboard box finished with gold foil.

Language: ENGLISH

18 cards


      Vendor: Anna Cosma

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