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Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic

Simplers Botanicals

The best Bergamot essential oil in the world comes from near the small town of Bergamo in Northern Italy where the tree was first cultivated. No other part of the world has been able to produce an oil of comparable quality and aroma. The small, green citrus fruit is not eaten, but the fruit peels have been cold-pressed for centuries. Our producer uses only organic fruit peels to ensure a pure, healthy oil.

Bergamot essential oil has a fruity-floral aroma with relaxing, refreshing, and uplifting qualities. The aroma can offer feelings of support during times of sadness, nervousness, or seasonal wellness. In skincare blends, it is helpful for oily and overactive skin. Best for use in a bath, compress, diffuser, massage, perfume and skincare.

Odor Family: Citrus-Sweet

Perfumery and Blending: The fresh citrusy aroma of Bergamot essential oil is rich, sweet, and fruity with some floral and herbaceous notes. In blends, it is harmonizing, helping to smooth over any “rough edges.” The aroma may linger longer than other citrus oils. Bergamot essential oil blends well with florals, geranium, lavender, citrus, and violet leaf.

Country of origin: Italy

100% Organic Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) essential oil.

Dilute properly before application. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool dark place.

5ml / Liquid

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Helps with sleep

I've been taking this in the evening before bed for about 6 months and it definitely helps me go to sleep more quickly, and also sleep more soundly through the night.
Digestible and effective.

The best B Vitamin I've tried

I'm very happy with this vitamin. Easily digestible, and I can feel the difference in energy levels when I'm taking this regularly.

I love this

I take this most mornings for both a mood and energy boost. I also take it if I’m feeling sluggish and want to enhance mental clarity. I highly recommend this blend.

Gift Card

Received the gift certificate for my birthday from my daughter-in-law. I Had shopped in Farmacopia one year ago. Wanted to shop again. Due to Covid it’s hard to do. Searching for products online was easy. Purchasing items online was easy. Calling the store to make sure my order was ready was easy. Picking up my purchase at the store was easy. I will shop Farmacopia again. Looking forward to trying all the products I purchased.

Definitely helps

I’m not celiac but I am lactose & gluten intolerant. I avoid eating gluten always but sometimes I’m tempted by cheese. I recently ate some goat feta and I had no problems. I didn’t over unduly. Usually any amount of dairy causes me stomach pains and so much bloating. I don’t make a habit of taking this in a regular basis but it’s also come in very handy when I’ve gone out to eat or over to a friends (pre covid) and cheese has bean sprinkled on top and it’s always hard to remove it all.