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Urban Wildfire Resources


In October of 2017, wildfires swept through Sonoma county, burning over 10,000 structures and over 5,000 homes in Santa Rosa alone. 

During this time, Farmacopia opened as a free holistic fire relief clinic, offering herbal support, nutrients, flower essences, tea, essential oil inhalations, bodywork, acupuncture and N95 maskes to all who came.  We estimate that 800 people came through the clinic in the several days after the fires, seeking support for headache, extreme stress, sinus congestion, respiratory distress, disorientation and grief.  We gave away thousands of dollars of liquid herbal medicines, nutrients, labor and supplies—along with copious amounts of human connection and comfort.

Lily Mazzarella, Farmacopia’s owner, coordinated dozens of volunteers and strategized with other holistic health providers from Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and the East Bay to bring herbal clinics out into the community.  These efforts reached thousands of people in shelters, at free lunch programs, in community settings, and in National Guard and firefighter encampments.  These efforts were made possible in part by generous donations from key medicine makers and herbal companies: 

  • Gaia Herbs
  • Flower Essence Society
  • Galens Way
  • California School of Herbal Studies
  • Scarlet Sage Herb Company
  • Karuna
  • Green Bridge Botanicals   
  • Lola Venado                              
  • Thorne Research
  • MediHerb
  • Mycopia Mushrooms
  • Beijiaflor Botanicals
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • The Nectary

We also received generous donations from private individuals (loving customers and clients) so we could continue our work.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

In an effort to empower our community in such frightening times, we also sought to educate:  our naturopath, Dr. Bridget Somine, wrote two extensively researched articles on how to protect self and family given the degree of toxic exposures we faced as a result of human-made materials burning (you can find them here on our blog).  And since October, Lily has taught several classes on herbal and nutrient support for wildfire times at various symposiums, and in partnership with Daily Acts. 

As Santa Rosa rebuilds and out-of-control wildfires become more prevalent in the west, Farmacopia continues its commitment to holistic health resources and education around this difficult subject.  We are partnering with La Luz in Sonoma, Corazon in Healdsburg and Northbay Organizing Project as we found a new non-profit, From the Ground Up: Community Medicine.  From the Ground Up empowers healthy Latino communities through culturally relevant, place-based, bilingual holistic health education and care.  Stay tuned for our GoFundMe and official launch later this year!

Check here for our class offerings at Farmacopia and out in the community. 

Wildfire Education and Resources

Great information fire support, by Farmacopia naturopath Dr. Bridget Somine:

News articles re. impact of wildfire on cities:

Article on mental health impacts of urban wildfires by Santa Rosa resident writer Dani Burlison:

Risk-free assistance for undocumented residents of Sonoma county: 

Thorough information from the EPA on health impacts wildfire smoke exposure:

How to properly use an N95 mask:

Soft, comfortable mask (not unattractive) for everyday use, blocks particles down to .1 micron (not tight enough seal for active fires, though):  Lily’s favorite travel mask! 

Free, archived webinar by Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine on wildfire smoke exposure:

Sign up page!  Practical Protection for Your Points of Entry:  throat, sinus, lung etc support in the free Fall Immunity Builder guide:

Tasty, easy, anti-inflammatory nutrient-dense recipes that are free of dairy, sugar, wheat, etc:

Delicious turmeric paste!  Daily cellular, inflammation, and detox support:

Blog post on Lily’s experience through the fires:

Practical, daily lymph care blog post:

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