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Sarah Hurt Bio

Sarah Hurt is a Clinical Herbalist with a Master Herbalist Degree in Herbal Studies from the American College of Health Care Sciences. She has certifications in Agriculture, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and Reiki. In addition, Sarah is a Certified Tea Master through the International Tea Masters Association. She has owned and operated Sage and Spice Botanicals, LLC for over ten years, has designed award winning, signature herbal tea blends and has formulated botanical products for companies in Ohio, Pennsylvania and California.

She is a passionate organic gardener and some of her fondest memories are of taking walks with her grandfather, an amateur botanist, avid conservationist and farmer, who instilled in her a profound respect for all plants and the environment.

Sarah's battles with adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety and addiction led her to seek out a natural solution that western medicine and prescribed pharmaceuticals could not provide, she eventually returned to plant medicine, nutrition, yoga, meditation and energetic therapies that literally saved her life. Inspired by her life experiences and a call to help others, Sarah began working with clients in a clinical capacity both in private and community settings.

When she relocated to Sonoma County, Sarah focused on honing her skills in her new community working at Farmacopia as well as at Emerisa Gardens working with organic veggies and herbs. She is currently working on a plant to community donation program to benefit community gardens, schools, institutional establishments and local non-profit organizations and continues her education in Agriculture and Soil Sciences.

Sarah believes in the power of plant medicine, continues to rely on herbs daily and hopes to share her passion for plants and natural medicine with everyone she can.


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