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Leah Joy bio

Leah was born in Minnesota and spent the majority of her youth sharing time between the Midwest and Northern California. Leah’s mother was a classically trained pianist and exposed her and her sisters to music at an early age. Leah realized at the age of five she could hear a song and play it instantly. Playing "by ear" was a complete shock to her mother, as Leah could play most instruments without taking a single lesson. Leah is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has performed solo and in multiple bands at venues all over the Bay Area, including the Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Park.

In 2004, Leah's path led to the healing arts and studied at The Foundation for Spiritual Development. It was there that she gathered her intuitive skills and passion for music and taught Intuitive Singing – where she would assist her clients in identifying where the blocks were held in the body, moving out the misaligned energy through toning and singing. She is passionate about the power of music and sound and its ability to help raise the vibration in one’s body, bringing the true essence back into alignment. Leah uses crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes and crystals to shift dissonant energies held in the field. She is also able to hear the body's inner song ~ She calls them SOUL SONGS, and channels them to her clients using voice and chimes.

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