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Frankincense Rose Body Oil


Nothing says grounded empowerment like frankincense, a potently aromatic tree resin long-prized in medicinal and spiritual realms. In the beginning of the day after a shower, frankincense will help you access your inner strength and focus; at the end of the day after an Epsom salt bath it will calm and re-center you.

It boasts anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal oil for stressed skin. Geranium is traditionally used for anxiety and depression, and has balancing effects on skin and hormones. Tangerine uplifts while Rose balances heart energy and is specific for aging, inflamed skin and rosacea.


  • Ideal for stressed skin
  • Frankincense grounds & uplifts
  • Rose balances heart energy

Jojoba*, Safflower*, Avocado* and Grapeseed* oils, essential oils of Frankincense*, Rose Geranium*, Tangerine*, Rose* and Cypress*, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E.

Massage this nourishing body oil everywhere at least once per day. 

2 oz, 4 oz

Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfect calming oil

I originally purchased this to help my skin in the dry weather months. After the shower I basically put this all over. It’s so soothing. I also use before bedtime now. I really like the texture of the oil and the scents. The dispenser (a pump style) is also helpful for not spilling out too much extra oil.

Great Combination

I buy this oil for the aroma but also use on my face to heal little face mask reactions and on the back of my neck for
posturing/stiffness leading to pre-migraine pain. It is a great combination for the areas of Roseacea on my cheeks
although it is a little heavy so I use it sparingly. Rose for Roseacea, Frankincense for pain, perfect.

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277 reviews
Sweet Sleep
Love sweet sleep

I sleep better ever since I have been taking sweet sleep. I combine it with cherry bomb. Great products from Farmacopia.

very refreshing

The name sounded good and I really love it. It smells wonderful and feels very good on my face. I use it in the morning after washing my face and let it dry before I apply sunscreen.

Best Natural Pain Relief

I have chronic nerve pain and often get an extra impingement that is very difficult to get relief acupuncturist recommended Nerve Balm, so I tried it and it worked!!!! I will never not have it in my arsenal!! I even have prescribed compounded pain cream, but I would much prefer to use Nerve Balm first!! I have even shared it with at least a couple other people!! Will recommend to anyone who has nerve pain!! I am so grateful for this amazing product!!

I enjoy it inmy smoothie!

I started using this product at the beginning of the pandemic. It was suggested by a staff member when I asked about immune building products. I have been very satisfied with this powder which I mix into a smoothie or apple juice.The taste is fine and I feel like I am putting something very nourishing into my body. I highly recommend this product.

Helps with sleep

I've been taking this in the evening before bed for about 6 months and it definitely helps me go to sleep more quickly, and also sleep more soundly through the night.
Digestible and effective.