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Feeling Easy


Feeling Easy is an herbal relaxant to melt away irritability & tension. If the day's stress is what gets in the way of accessing your sensual self, this is your formula. Take throughout the day, just before your usual peak of irritability hits, and let the relaxing benefits of skullcap, linden, passionflower, blue vervain, kava, and rose help you feel easy.

This tension-focused nervine helps you leave it at the door. Blue vervain, skullcap, & schisandra soothe liver-ish irritability. Oats is a "neurotrophorestorative"— and traditional core tonic. Lemon balm focuses the mind & uplifts, while Kava takes stress down a few notches. This blend soothes the system & inspires ease, allowing you to relax into a new experience of the senses.

Organic or ethically wild crafted herbal extracts of skullcap*, linden*, passionflower*, blue vervain*, kava, rose, schisandra* in an alcohol and glycerine base.


3-5 dropperfuls, 1-3 times/day for tension and irritability. Best used 20 minutes before your usual peak of stress — getting home from work, dealing with dinner, bedtime, etc. or before an evening of self and/or other love.

2 oz, 4 oz

Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cyndi Pope
Love This ♥️

I have been using this tincture for about 6 months. It was recommended when I had some extra stress going on in my life. It helps me to feel calm and focused. Thank you, Farmacopia for helping me through!

Joan Johnson
Takes the edge off

This is the third bottle of Feeling Easy I've purchased. I find if to be very helpful in just de-stressing/calming me down when I am feeling anxious/angry/frustrated with the day. Work, kids, life - can be a lot at the end of the day. Feeling easy has a mild but noticeable calming effect. No side effects. I usually end up taking it at like 6:00 pm when I can feel super irritable - before the craziness of dinner rush, homework, last of the laundry. Fast acting, maybe 10 minutes to a noticeable change in attitude.

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