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Planetary Anointing Oils

Opal Elements

Opal Elements is the passion of Julie Benefico, Farmacopia herbalist and modern witch.  Organic handmade potions and scents crafted with ritual & intention to promote potency and magick.  Luscious olfactory profiles to anoint, clarify, and set intentions in concert with moon, stars, and the five elements:  Ether, Earth, Fire, Water and Air.   

What Julie Benefico, herbalist, medicine maker, and modern witch believes: "By gaining deeper relationships with the elements and plants, and working toward inner healing we can achieve cosmic consciousness.  It is then we are able to transform into our most radiant selves."

Moon: The moon is the ruler of feminine intuition and dreams. Her goddess energy helps us understand our subconscious mind and interpret our dreams. Use Moon oil to connect to the innate knowledge within. 

Venus: Venus is the planet of love and femininity. This oil is for calling in the energies of self expression, love, balance, and compassion. Venus promotes self love and helps bring harmony to our lives. 

Mars: Mars is the ruler of the masculine and helps us be direct and assertive. Mars represents the courage the put goals into action & utilizing this oil can help you gain motivation & strength.

Sun: The Sun represents health & happiness. This cosmic deity can help us shine bright & build self confidence. Working with this oil can help to bring vitality, success, and vibrancy. 


Organic jojoba oil, organic white camphor essential oil, organic lotus essential oil, organic cucumber essential oil and jasmine flower essence.


Organic rose essential oil, Organic peach blossom essential oil, ocotillo flower essence, althea essence, and organic jojoba oil.


Organic jojoba oil, organic juniper berry essential oil, organic cardamom essential oil, organic basil essential oil, galangal essential oil, and prickly pear cactus flower essence.


Organic jojoba oil, organic frankincense essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil, organic chamomile essential oil, and mustard flower essence.

Roll onto pulse points, third eye, and temples to feel driven to achieve your goals.

1/3 fl. oz glass Roll-on 

Vendor: Opal Elements

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