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Rest + Digest


 A Farmacopia exclusive, Rest & Digest is a lavender-rich, floral bitters to relax digestive tension. 

Wild Yam*, Fennel*, Chamomile*, Blue Vervain*, Lavender*, Lemon Balm* in a gluten-free alcohol* & glycerine base. *ORGANIC

1-5 dropperfuls before or after meals in 1-2 oz of water, and upon discomfort to relax body and mind. SHAKE WELL

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz

Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nervous Gut

When I'm super stressed I tend to hold it in my gut. My digestion will go out of wack during intense times in my life and this bitters blend is critical support for me. After taking a few dropperfuls I can feel the tension slowly start to release in my gut. Helpful for stress induced constipation and indigestion or lack of appetite when my nerves get the better of me.

Does the trick every time

I like several different Farmacopia bitters for different reasons(GB Bitters & Salad Bitters are in my top 3). But Rest & Digest is my all time favorite. I have a very temperamental stomach. And when I'm stressed out it's the worst. I always have a giant bottle of it on my counter. It works great for bloating or when food just feels like it's been sitting in my stomach for hours and my digestion is really slow, not to mention cramping. Also, it works in minutes and I like the way it tastes. It also works for indigestion. It's magical.

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