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Salad Bitters


Loaded with pharmacological powerhouse anti-inflammatory herbs such as celery, turmeric and ginger, and hepatoprotectant (liver protecting) herbs artichoke, milk thistle, and dandelion leaf, Salad Bitters is a classic herbal alternative supporting liver, lymph and kidneys in their detox endeavors.

Enjoyed with fizzy water, it's a delicious stimulating digestive bitter reminiscent of old time Celery Soda!

Artichoke*, Celery*, Dandelion Leaf*, Cleavers*, Turmeric*, Ginger*, and Milk Thistle* in a gluten-free alcohol* & glycerine base. *ORGANIC

1-5 dropperfuls before or after meals in 1-2 oz of water. Add 1 tsp to fizzy water for a refreshing mocktail. SHAKE WELL

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz

Vendor: Farmacopia

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Customer Reviews

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Vickie Scott
Salad Bitters brings summer flavor

This product works! A new new ally to turn to for digestion and detox needs.

Makes me hungry!

I've tried other bitter formulas before and did not enjoy them because they were ironically..TOO bitter. lol. What I like about all of Farmacopia's bitter line is not only do they give you that bitter taste you are looking for, but the flavor profile is complex with notes of sweet, savory and sour to round out the taste to be YUMMY. This one is my favorite to take before meals because it tastes like a healthy dose of savory greens before I eat (especially helpful when I'm eating richer, not so well balanced meals). I crave this flavor now and it genuinely supports my weaker digestive constitution.

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