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Baraka Mineral Salt Rinse


Rinse away pollutants and pathogens! Baraka mineral sea salt is a gentle, unrefined, grey mineral salt from the French Atlantic Sea ideal for keeping nasal passages free and clear. Best used as part of your daily self-care ritual before the onset of sinus distress.

Your nose knows the difference between salts! Bright, white table salt has been stripped of its trace minerals and is 99% sodium chloride plus anti-caking agents.

Baraka's French Atlantic Grey Sea Salt is hand harvested in the pristine ocean waters off Brittany, France. This salt is certified by ACTOA (L'Association de Controle Tiers Ouest Atlantique), "Selection du Saunier." This organization certifies that the region of Noirmoutier maintains a pure, unpolluted environment suitable for organic agriculture and also respects the Standards of Salt.

French Atlantic Grey Sea Salt

8 oz

Vendor: Baraka

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