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FastBlock Allergy Relief

Terry Naturally

Simple and effective. FastBlock Allergy Relief creates a barrier between allergens and receptors in the nose. How? This all-natural fine powder coats the allergy receptors in the nose where airborne allergens attack.

Whether suffering from seasonal allergies and hay fever or everyday allergies to pets or dust mites - FastBlock relieves mild allergic symptoms such as sneezing, sinus congestion and runny & itchy nose.

Cellulose powder of vegetable origin and peppermint powder.

Gently blow your nose. While inhaling normally, place tip of dispenser just inside the nostril and firmly squeeze the bottle to distribute powder. Repeat in the other nostril. The smell of peppermint lets you know that you’ve successfully sprayed it into your nose.

Adults and Children (18 months and older): See directions.
Children under 18 months old: Consult a doctor.

200 sprays

Vendor: Terry Naturally

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