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Is Keto Right For Me?

January 12, 2019

Author: Lily Mazzarella:
KETO has made a big splash over the past year or so, so you might be asking: Is it right for me
I understand. The diet seems complex at first glance, and contradictory opinions and information abound. Depending on what you read, Keto is a cure-all or a dangerous fad. Here's what I tell my clients who are curious about the Ketogenic diet.

Keto isn't about "yes" and "no" foods the way Paleo or Anti-Inflammatory Diets are. The Ketogenic diet is a metabolic hack in which a specific pattern of food intake induces the body to burn ketones (fats) as cellular fuel instead of glucose (sugar). Once you are keto-adapted, you can "tell" your body to burn stored fat for fuel as well.  

One of the biggest misconceptions about Keto is that it’s a "ton of protein." The Keto Diet is actually high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate—which usually translates to abundant above-ground vegetables. 

Why I like the Keto Diet for some of my clients:

It turns off sugar cravings. For people who are in the push-pull of the carb/sugar craving cycle, Keto bypasses all the psychological struggles and alters craving in a deep, physiological way. This can release people from self-loathing and judgement about whether they're being "good" about sugar or carbs.  

It helps people who are metabolically stuck. We live in a complex world, which causes all kinds of alterations in cortisol, insulin, sex hormones and inflammation. Keto-adaptation seems to correct skewed messaging, leading to lowered inflammation, positive shifts in body composition, and decreased visceral fat (which is the only kind I encourage my clients to lose). Many people who have been unable to lose weight eating vegan, paleo, anti-inflammatory, AIP (and the list goes on) lose weight on Keto.  

It can balance hormones, especially if you are in a high stress time, or in a peri/menopausal transition. Abundant high quality fats and the inflammation-lowering effects of a well-executed Keto diet really even out hormonal rollercoaster. People sleep better, have more energy, higher libido and greater calm when they do the Keto diet.  

It can really help with anxiety and focus issues. The brain, as I tell my clients, is a glucose hog. If you are stressed and/or eating lots of carbs, there is a constant rollercoaster behind the scenes as your brain is the demand/alarm cycle around glucose. Switching to ketones as brain fuel leads to deep calm in the nervous system and better focus (the diet originated as a treatment for juvenile epilepsy!).  

If, after considering the above, Keto sounds like it might be a good fit for you, doing it with a trained Naturopath Doctor, is your best bet for success. REGISTER FOR THE 6 CLASS SERIES NOW!

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