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5 Herbal Libido Boosters

January 31, 2019

libidoAuthor: Lily Mazzarella
The roadblocks to a vibrant sexual life are as wide and varied as we are. And the solution is not always a wham-bam, one-answer-for-all remedy. 
Head Herbalist and Farmacopia Owner – Lily Mazzarella understands that the path to an amorous sex life sometimes first begins with turning ON the light – to see what makes your body respond. Here are her top 5 liquid herbal blends to counteract the 5 major roadblocks that may be preventing you from flipping that switch. Now available at Farmacopia. Order 2, 4 or 8 ounce bottles. 

Blends are gender-neutral, catering to the love needs of both men and women. 

See which one might be right for you...

  • Feeling Easy – Irritability intervention inspiring ease & relaxation
  • LB Nourish – Moistening tonic to cool and nourish your sensuality
  • LB Stim – Energizing love tonic for core stimulation
  • Love Sample – Coaxing blend to re-access your erotic self
  • Get Down – In-the-moment aphrodisiac boost

Each formula is carefully crafted with your health and environment in mind. We utilize only the highest-quality organic or wild crafted ingredients whenever possible. Visit us to taste them for yourself!

The Blends


Who will love this? Sex is the last thing on your mind, & the thought of being touched inspires the desire to retreat—alone—under the covers. Irritability, frustration & tension are hallmarks of your experience, and are the main stumbling blocks to feeling your sexual energy. A great intervention for those with stressful day jobs, small children, and general overwhelm.

Sex appeal: This tension-focused nervine helps you leave it at the door. Blue vervain, skullcap, & schisandra soothe liver-ish irritability. Oats is a "neurotrophorestorative"— and traditional sexual tonic. Lemon balm focuses the mind & uplifts, while Kava takes stress down a few notches. This blend soothes the system & inspires ease, allowing you to relax into a new experience of the senses.

Taste: Up front fruity notes of lemon balm and schisandra, and a hint of rose rest on a delicate bitter backbone of blue vervain, skullcap, and kava.

Ingredients: Skullcap, Oats, Lemon Balm, Blue Vervain, Kava, Rose, and Schisandra in an organic alcohol and glycerine base



Who will love this? Those feeling depleted by circumstance, health issues, hormonal changes, or just life. Libido is generally absent, & signs of "yin deficiency"— fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, forgetfulness, frequent urination, dryness (skin, hair, mouth, vagina) may be present. Those experiencing loss of resiliency, burnout or adrenal fatigue who are overstimulated easily, especially by caffeine, stress, sugar & socializing.

Sex appeal: You can actually get your mojo back. This blend helps to rebuild your core, vital processes—meaning you"ll have something left over for sex. Traditional moistening sexual tonics like American ginseng, shatavari, & licorice do double duty as adrenal support & hormone balancers. The more overtly stimulating effects of maca are tempered by calming, nourishing jujube, a classic herb used to support sleep. Damiana, one of the most celebrated aphrodisiac herbs, supports arousal blood flow patterns.

Taste: Provocative aromatics of damiana & orange peel hover above a sweet, round, neutral body.

Ingredients: American Ginseng, Shatavari, Maca, Jujube, Gynostemma, Damiana, Sweet Orange, Prickly Ash, Orange Peel in an organic alcohol and glycerine base



Who will love this? Those in need of a serious energetic & sexual boost. You may be experiencing the aftermath of burnout: slow recovery from exercise & stress, poor sleep, low sexual response & desire, frequent illness, lack of mental & physical stamina, and depression. Or maybe you feel that as you get older, your energy isn't where you'd like it to be; your mood, mind & libido are falling flat as a result. Your system needs a reset.

Sex appeal: Replete with the most revered (& well researched) sexual tonics, such as maca, ginseng, tribulus, ashwagandha, and cordyceps, this blend helps you get up & stay up. Other adaptogens like reishi, and gynostemma step in for more full-system support, while cacao & vanilla make for a titillating mouth experience. Overtly energizing, this blend also supports the immune system, the nervous system, and the adrenal glands.

Taste: Sensuous, thick & earthy. Chock full of coffee, chocolate & caramel notes.

Ingredients: Cacao, Maca, Asian Ginseng, Tribulus, Ashwagandha, Gynostemma, Reishi, Cordyceps, Vanilla, Stevia, Cinnamon in an organic alcohol and glycerine base



Who will love this? You need to loosen up, & you're looking for an inroad to your sexual energy—because it's there! You may be distracted by work, life, worries, the to-do list, but you'd like to shift out of that consciousness into a more embodied, and erotic state. You could use some coaxing….

Sex appeal: A little-known Farmacopia favorite, Love Sample has been arousing passions and connecting hearts, minds & bodies for over 5 years. Kava and damiana act as relaxants, creating a euphoric & convivial state. Maca, a sexual & vitality tonic native to Peru, supports & nourishes the endocrine system. Anecdotal reports & clinical trials suggest that maca has a distinct libido enhancing effect, while promoting energy & well-being.

Taste: There is nothing quite like the erotic aromatics of damiana: at once bitter & sweet, floral & of the desert—she is her own perfect perfume. Honeyed chai rounds out the blend.

Ingredients: Damiana, Maca, Kava, Orange, Cardamom in an organic alcohol and glycerine base



Who will love this? You need to kick your sex drive into higher gear! You would like to be sexually active….soon. Today, tomorrow, later on this week. But your libido and physical responses need to come back online a bit.

Sex appeal: A great companion to LB Stim and LB Nourish, Get Down can kick it up while you're doing the deeper, long term work of restoring vitality. Muira Puama(MP), a sustainably wildcrafted bark from the Brazilian Amazon, is a central nervous system stimulant traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Studies on MP have shown it to be helpful in antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. Suma is a "same day adapatogen," with energy, cognition, and mood-enhancing effects. Maca supports adrenal & sexual health, while cola, cacao, and ginger stimulate energy and play.

Taste: Like any great love affair, Get Down eases you in with sweet notes of cacao & maca while slowly revealing the carnal earthy-ness of Muira Puama. At once, the palette warms with the spice of ginger — driving you home to your target.

Ingredients: Maca, Muira Puama, Suma, Cacao, Cola, Ginger in an organic alcohol and glycerine base