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by Lily Mazzarella April 09, 2015

3 ancient practicesHappy birthday, Spring! Happy 4.54 billionth birthday.

Yes, that’s 4.54 billion times Spring has sprung. The soil has experienced it, the plants have risen to it and our ancestors have celebrated it — 4.54 BILLION TIMES. And now it’s your turn.

This year take a look back and celebrate life in the ways of our ancestors. Experts in observing the patterns and cycles of nature, they fully understood the enmeshed biome where the seasons and human life meet. Weather, food, shelter, energies. The seasons set the pace and we adapt to it. That’s survival and it’s engrained in every fiber of our evolutionary DNA – something our brief modern lives still has a long way to undo.

While peoples of every continent have found a way to thrive, let’s take some tips from one of the oldest and most well-documented systems in history – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

According to TCM, Spring is a time for the liver.

It is, as we know, the only organ we house which regenerates itself. However we’ve been damaged there’s opportunity to,, re.grow. A parallel that was not lost on our ancestors.

We know that just as the daffodil bursts forth in poignant color in Spring, so do the emotions we have harbored and allowed to take root all Winter. In TCM, the liver is the storehouse of these emotions – whatever they may be. If you’re entering Spring out of balance, your liver will surely let you know.

Signs you may be out of balance

  • Emotionally, you may be feeling more irritable, angry or depressed.
  • Physically, you may experience nausea, increased headaches or joint pain, flashes of heat, throbbing and raised blood pressure.
  • An agitated liver is particularly active at night, creeping into your dream world with disrupting thoughts, even waking you between the hours of 1-3 a.m.

Resident Acupuncturist Jennifer Monin recommends trying these 3 traditional Chinese practices to regain balance and revive your positive vibe:

  • CUPPING (Ba Guan Zi) An ancient treatment dating back to the early 4th Century, in which a cup with a smooth and rounded mouth is used to create a partial vacuum over the skin. This causes the blood to circulate and pulls it towards the surface of the body, pulling stagnant toxins and lifting inflammation out of tissues. Think of this as an inverse massage, sucking away your stress, pains, anxiety and aches.

For a luxurious touch, try Moving Cupping where massage oil is applied to the back, allowing cups to glide over the large muscles along the spine.

  • GUA SHA – The use of a small, smooth stone to massage the specific muscles and channels along energy lines, or meridians, to release stagnation in the body. Your lymph is activated and stored toxins are instantly released. Picture scraping away the tension as it dissolves from the tissues. Other benefits include boosted immunity, uplifted spirit and reduction of pain.
  • ACUPUNCTURE – By inserting fine needles into the body using Liver Points, blockages are released. Pent up emotions are spread out and the mind and body are calmed. Imagine a complete RESET for your emotional well-being.
To learn more about each of these techniques or to schedule an appointment, contact Farmacopia at 800.896.1484.



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Lily Mazzarella
Lily Mazzarella


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